Welcome! We know that navigating a large university like CU Boulder may sometimes feel overwhelming, and we are happy to serve as a "go-to" point of contact for current students and their families. We field a wide variety of inquiries, but we have addressed some of our most common topics, questions, and referrals below. This page is designed to help you quickly find important information and/or to clarify the most appropriate point of contact for your inquiry.

General Tip: When looking for information, using Google can often be quicker and more effective than trying to navigate solely within the CU Boulder website. For example, if you want to change your major but do not know how, simply Google something like, "CU Boulder how to change major." That should help you get directly to the information you need.

Common Topics and FAQs

Academic Standing

What does my standing mean? What's next?
Read the Academic Standing page

How do I get back into good academic standing?
Meet with your Academic Advisor and Academic Coach
Suspended or dismissed? Read our Reinstatement and Readmission page


I am in need of academic accommodations. How do I set that up?
Register with Disability Services

Course Alert

I received one or more course alerts. What does that mean?
Read our Course Alert page

What should I do?
Meet with your Academic Advisor
Consider Academic Coaching

Degree Audit

I have questions or concerns about something I am seeing in my degree audit. Who can help clarify?
Contact your Academic Advisor or schedule an appointment

Education Abroad

I want to study abroad. Where do I start?
Get started with Education Abroad

I am about to go abroad and have questions.
Check the Accepted Student Guide

I just returned from abroad and have questions.
Check the Returning to CU page


How do I change or add a major, minor, or certificate?
Visit the Change or Add a Major, Minor or Certificate page for clarification

Grade Replacement

Can I retake a class for grade replacement? How does the process work?
Read the Retake a Course for Grade Replacement page


I have questions about commencement.
Check the Spring Commencement Ceremony page
(There is no campus-wide commencement ceremony in the winter or summer)

I have questions about my department recognition ceremony.
Winter 2023 recognition ceremonies
Information for Spring 2024 recognition ceremonies is not yet available. 

I have other graduation-related questions.
Prepare to Graduate
Pre-Graduation Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions


I have one or more holds. How do I get them removed?
See the Resolve Your Holds & To-Do Items page

Intra-University Transfer (IUT)

I want to change, add, or drop a degree program. Where do I start?
Read the CU Boulder Intra-University Transfer Page
Shortcuts to the specific IUT pages for:​
- College of Arts & Sciences
- College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
- College of Media, Communication and Information
- College of Music
- Leeds School of Business
- Program in Environmental Design
- School of Education


I have questions about a petition that I want to submit or have submitted.
Check our Forms and Petitions page for information on A&S-related petitions
Contact A&S Academic Operations for questions about a petition you have already submitted


When do I register for classes? When can I make changes to my schedule?
Check the Registration Calendar
Check the Add & Drop Calendar

How do I add/drop/swap classes? How do waitlists work?
See the Register for Classes page

I am receiving an error message. How do I resolve the problem?
Check the Enrollment Errors page

Transfer Credits

How can I find courses at another institution that will transfer back to CU Boulder?
Use Transferology
Instructions: Will My Courses Transfer?
Instructions: Find a Replacement Course

I have questions about transfer credit evaluation.
See the A&S Transfer Credit Evaluation page


I am in need of tutoring. Where do I start?
Check out our Tutoring Resources page
Consider Academic Coaching as well


I need to withdraw from the current semester or withdraw from CU Boulder entirely. How does the process work? What do I need to know?
Read the Withdraw from the Semester page

I am seeking a withdrawal from a previous semester or multiple semesters. How does the process work? What do I need to know?
Read the Retroactive Withdrawal Petition page

General Referrals

Bursar's Office: For questions related to tuition and billing

Career Services: For students seeking career advising 

Housing & Dining: For questions related to housing

Office of Financial Aid: For questions related to financial aid

Scholarship Services: For questions related to scholarships

Student Support and Case Management: If you have concerns about a student and are not sure what to do