Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences' Academic Advising and Coaching Academic Success Resource Library! Here you will find two main types of resources: academic skills and life skills. Some of the resources give you specific tools and tips that help you consider new approaches to studying and task management. Other resources contain thought-provoking discussions designed to give you new and helpful ways to approach college.

You will find that the academic and life skills covered are often interconnected, so we recommend exploring many of the resources that this library has to offer.

We hope that this resource library will support you in your academic journey and play a role in helping you achieve your goals!



Academic Wellness Workshops

Join our Spring 2021 series to boost your academic wellness, run by our A&S academic coaching team! These workshops help you reflect on what is and may not be working for you this semester. From there we offer a menu of strategies you personalize, and you leave with an action plan to address your goals.

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