All students are required to have health insurance while attending CU Boulder. Students may elect coverage through an individual health insurance plan, through a family member or employer or the CU Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students must meet this requirement their first semester at CU Boulder and at the beginning of each academic year. Those taking six (6) or more undergraduate credit hours or one (1) or more graduate credit hours are required to complete the health insurance requirement process.

Insurance coverage requirements

Whether a student enrolls in the CU Gold SHIP or elects coverage under a different plan, their health insurance must meet the following requirements:

  • Plans must comply with essential health benefits as outlined on
    • Colorado coverage - if you are an out-of-state student, please contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage in Colorado.
    • Coverage must be active the first day of classes and remain active throughout the academic year. 
    • The insurance company must be owned and operated within the United States.
    • Plans must have unlimited benefits.
    • Plans cannot have pre-existing condition limitations.

    New student information

    View CU's mandatory health insurance policy.

    All students, regardless of their insurance plan, have full access to the services provided by Health and Wellness Services.


    Fall 2019: September 17, 2019

    All students who have not complete their insurance requirements by August 1 will have a $1,874 Gold SHIP charge placed on their student account.

    If you plan to enroll in Gold SHIP: Students must elect to enroll in the Gold SHIP by August 12 to ensure you have access to your coverage when the plan begins on August 18, 2019. Students may elect the plan through September 17, but it may take an additional 7-10 days to access your plan benefits. 

    If you plan to use your own insurance: Students must complete a waiver application and receive notice of approval in order to have charges removed from your account. No refunds or reversals will be available after September 17, 2019. 

    Complete the insurance requirement

    Health plan options

    Private insurance 

    We now accept and bill private insurance plans. Students who elect coverage through an individual health insurance plan are asked to submit proof of current health insurance coverage through MyCUInfo. Please click “Complete the insurance requirement” above to get started. These students will need to provide their health insurance information when checking in for their appointments. 

    CU Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (CU Gold SHIP)

    If you don't have health insurance or want comprehensive coverage on and off, you can enroll in the CU Gold SHIP. This plan provides a full year of coverage for Health and Wellness Services as well as coverage locally and nationally. Enroll in the CU Gold SHIP for $1,874 per semester.

    BuffCare Supplemental Plan

    BuffCare is a supplement plan for students who already have their own health insurance but want an inexpensive way to help cover out-of-pocket expenses for services provided by Health and Wellness Services at CU Boulder. BuffCare costs $225 per semester, and there is no limit for covered services. Coverage for care provided by CU Boulder Medical Services.