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Rules for Cycling

Do you know the rules for cycling on the CU Boulder campus?

Bike Stations Open for season
The UMC and Folsom bike stations are open Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm. Bike Stations may close at anytime due to weather or lack of staff availability. Registration and a registration sticker on your bike are required to use the bike stations.

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Bike Station Kudos
Chris D"I am emailing you because I wanted to let you know how helpful Chris Dusbabek was today. I have been having bike problems all week and so I stopped by the bike station later in the afternoon. This is where I met Chris and I am super grateful that I did. He put in the extra work to put my bike together. He even went a little past 5pm to make sure he did a thorough job and that my bike was 100% ready to go.  He is a great guy and so I wanted to reach out and let you know."                          - Happy Customer

Bicycle Program Services UMC Station

Bike station mechanics are here to help you maintain and repair your registered bike. You can register in a manner of minutes at either bike station during regular business hours.

Biking is a fun, clean, and easy way to get around campus as well as the city of Boulder and beyond. Biking as a primary form of transportation helps reduce our negative impact on the environment, is an excellent form of exercise, and could save money that would otherwise be spent on gas and parking. CU has many programs to offer students to make acquiring, maintaining, riding, and parking bikes a breeze. Programs include:

Bicycle Program Updates 

Bike Stations Hours
The UMC and Folsom Bike Stations are open 10-4, Monday through Friday. The bike stations may close for weather or staff availability. Bike registration is required to use the stations.

Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at bicycle@colorado.edu.