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Spring 2024 Upper-Division Electives

Each semester, the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Office puts together a list of upper-division classes that are NOT restricted to specific majors or minors and do NOT have prerequisites. The list is designed to help Juniors and Seniors in A&S work toward the 45 upper-division credit hours (at least 30 of which must be in A&S) that are required for graduation.

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Spring 2024 Featured Classes


CLAS/LING/AHUM 2030: The Ancient Roots of Modern Medicine
Now cross-listed with Linguistics and approved for the Social Sciences category of the Arts & Sciences Gen Ed Distribution Requirement.


COMM 4000: Advanced Topics in Communication
Section 801: Writing & Planning for Organizational Communication (1/16/24 - 2/16/24)
Section 802: Internal Organizational Communication (2/19/24 - 3/22/24)
Section 803: External Organizational Communication (4/1/24 - 5/2/24)
Students may take one, two, or all of these 5-week, 1 credit courses. They are great for students who need just 1 or 2 more credits to graduate or students who need writing samples for job applications.


CHEN 1000: Creative Technology
Open to all CU Boulder students!

French & Italian

ITAL/FREN 1350: Introduction to Social Change in the Arts
ITAL/REES 2271: Space, Invention, and Wonder in Fairy Tales, Literature, and Film

Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures

GRMN 4231: The Invention of Sexuality
GRMN 3141: Psychology in German Film, Literature and Art

REES 2501: Russia Beyond the Headlines: Media, Politics, Culture, and Environment
REES 4321: Mythological Russia and Ukraine
REES 4221: Stalinism: Culture and Society
REES/SCAN 3251: Arctic Thrillers: Environment, Landscape and Literature of the Far North

SCAN 3205: Scandinavian Folk Narrative
SCAN 3110: Reception of Viking Culture in Contemporary Scandinavia

Integrative Physiology

IPHY 1030: Introduction to the Health Professions
A 1 credit course open to anyone (regardless of pre-health designation) that aims to help students learn about the health professions and what it takes to be ready for one's future application.

Political Science

PSCI 4028-002: Special Topics: Human Rights, Asylum, and Immigration Law: Applied Research
This class is suitable for students in the social sciences who have strong research and writing skills and interests in Latin America and/or immigration issues. Students should be aware that this class will involve discussions of domestic violence, gang violence, and other forms of violence and persecution. Knowledge of Spanish would be helpful, but is not required.

Theatre & Dance

THTR 4073: Performing Voices of Women*
*Women- those who identify or express themselves as women always or sometimes, regardless of gender assigned at birth.
No previous performance experience required. All gender identities welcome.

Writing & Rhetoric

WRTG 2090: Electives in Writing: Writing Center Theory and Practice
Students will have the opportunity to complete an optional six-week unpaid tutoring internship in the Writing Center starting in March. NOTE: Eligibility to apply for future paid writing tutor positions requires successful completion of the internship and a final course grade of at least a "B."
This course fulfills an elective toward completion of the Writing Certificate and is open to all undergraduates who have completed a first-year writing class or its equivalent and are interested in tutoring peers.

WRTG 3030: Writing on Science and Society
Sections 003 and 009: Writing Matter: The Rhetoric of Very Small Things
These sections will be especially relevant to CHEM, BCHM, MCDB, PHYS, and ATOC majors!