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Summer and Fall 2022 Upper-Division Electives

Each semester, the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Office puts together a list of upper-division classes that are NOT restricted to specific majors or minors and do NOT have prerequisites. The list is designed to help Juniors and Seniors in A&S work toward the 45 upper-division credit hours (at least 30 of which must be in A&S) that are required for graduation.

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Summer 2022 Featured Classes

Asian Languages and Civilizations

HIND 3441: Screening India: A History of Bollywood Cinema
Session B, Remote
M/T/W/Th/F 9:20-10:55am
Provides a critical overview of one of the world's largest and most beloved film industries, the popular Hindi cinema produced in Bombay (Mumbai) and consumed around the world under the label "Bollywood". Taught in English.

Asian Studies

ASIA 4400: South Asia: Climate & Society
CE Summer Session 2 (7/5 - 8/5), Online
This class walks through the civilizations of South Asia that have seen many a face-off between climate, culture, politics, and immigration and explores the priceless lessons in those experiences that can help us improve our understanding and preparedness for a rapidly changing climate. 


FREN 3800: France and the Muslim World
Session B, Online
Introduces students to the polemic colonial, social, and cultural interactions of France and Islam. Readings and discussion topics for this course cover the social, cultural, and literary depictions of Islamic and French interactions, negotiations, and contradictions. Taught in English.


ITAL 4290: Italian Culture Through Cinema
Session B, Online
Examines the representations of Italian culture through its cinema. Focusing especially on post-World War II cinema, examines how Italian filmmakers have portrayed Italian history and specific aspects of its culture in the past 50 years. Taught in English.

Fall 2022 Featured Classes

Asian Studies

INDO 1110: Beginning Indonesian 1
M/W/F 1:25-2:15pm
Provides students with an integrated introductory Basic Indonesian Course. Classes may be offered in person or remotely via Zoom sessions using the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) method. Classes will also employ "flipped" task-based learning approaches. Reading assignments will include reading, listening and grammar, which students will demonstrate during class sessions, in which they will offer reading summaries, answer questions and practice speaking.

ASIA 4300: Encounters: Tibet and the West
T/Th 2:00-3:15pm
Provides a history of European knowledge about Tibet in the early medieval period, followed by the historical accounts of various European missionaries, travelers, and merchants to Tibet from the medieval to the early modern period. Critiques the construction of the myth of Shangri-la in the West and the complex relationship and representation of Tibet and the Tibetans in the West.

ASIA 4400: South Asia: Climate & Society
CE Fall Session 1 (8/29 - 10/13), Online
This class walks through the civilizations of South Asia that have seen many a face-off between climate, culture, politics, and immigration and explores the priceless lessons in those experiences that can help us improve our understanding and preparedness for a rapidly changing climate. 

ASIA 4500: Urban Asia: Tradition, Modernity, Challenges
M/W 4:40-5:55pm
Explores change in urban Asia, the representation of Asian cities, and the challenges of urban life through a transdisciplinary and thematic approach using academic articles, documentaries, and literary materials. The class discusses the role of tradition, concepts of modernity, the impact of tourism, rural to urban migration, poverty, the effects of war, legacies of colonialism, and environmental challenges.

Center for Western Civilization

CWCV 4000 (cross listed with PSCI 4028): Foundations of Western Civilization
Section 002: History of Liberalism
T/Th 9:30-10:45am
“Liberalism” has meant many different things to many very different people since the word was invented around 1799. In this course we will explore the history of the ideas and the issues which have been central to its development, from Montesquieu and Adam Smith to last week. 

Section 003: The Idea of Europe: Past, Present, and Future
T/Th 5:00-6:15pm
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the idea and the reality of Europe and the European Union – its conception, culture, politics, and position in the world.  We will analyze the ideals which brought it about, discuss how they were embodied in institutions, and see how they are facing the challenges of the twenty-first century, both at home and abroad.

Environmental Design

ENVD 1004 Section 002*: Introduction to Environmental Design
T/Th 2:00-3:15pm
Introduces methods, principles and philosophies that guide environmental design. Explores ways of thinking about, and accomplishing, the act of design.
*This section is for students who intend to IUT or are interested in exploring ENVD but are not currently in Environmental Design. Students interested in enrolling in this course will need to fill out an Intent to Enroll form which can be provided by your advisor.


WRTG 2090: Writing and Public Activism
T/Th 11:00am-12:15pm
In this course, we will work to develop the critical conceptual habits and shared vocabulary necessary for public activism. Looking to activists both here in the U. S and abroad, we will also compare and contrast how various historical and contemporary activists have attempted to address pressing social issues through various tactics and modes of expression. You will draw on concepts and ideas from course readings, as well as your own experiences, to develop your own vision for civic engagement.