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Summer 2023 Upper-Division Electives

Each semester, the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Office puts together a list of upper-division classes that are NOT restricted to specific majors or minors and do NOT have prerequisites. The list is designed to help Juniors and Seniors in A&S work toward the 45 upper-division credit hours (at least 30 of which must be in A&S) that are required for graduation.

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Summer 2023 Featured Classes

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ANTH 4020: Beyond the Serengeti: An examination of Conservation and Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania
Education Abroad, program runs 6/9/23-6/25/23
This course will explore globalization and development and link them to events in Tanzania, using specific communities (Maasai, Iraqw, and Hadzabe) as examples. It will also delve into the ecological and political issues associated with the national park model of conservation. This Western model will be compared with indigenous resource management practices. Students will be immersed in community-managed and local participatory conservation and sustainable tourism projects.
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