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Summer and Fall 2023 Upper-Division Electives

Each semester, the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Office puts together a list of upper-division classes that are NOT restricted to specific majors or minors and do NOT have prerequisites. The list is designed to help Juniors and Seniors in A&S work toward the 45 upper-division credit hours (at least 30 of which must be in A&S) that are required for graduation.

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Summer 2023 Featured Classes

Asian Studies

JPNS 1010: Beginning Japanese 1
JPNS 1020: Beginning Japanese 2
JPNS 2110: Intermediate Japanese 1
JPNS 2120: Intermediate Japanese 2

KREN 1010: Beginning Korean 1
KREN 1020: Beginning Korean 2

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

ATOC 1050-100: Weather and the Atmosphere
Session A (6/5/23 - 7/7/23)
In-Person, M/T/W/TH 3:10-5:10pm

Environmental Design

ENVD 4361: Anthropological Techniques in the Design Professions
Session B (7/11/23 - 8/11/23)
Hybrid In-Person/Remote, M-F 11:10am-12:45pm
Interested non-ENVD students can email to get registered

Field Courses at the CU Boulder Mountain Research Station!

EBIO 4100: Advanced Ecology
Section 750/751: Field Methods in Vegetation Ecology (6/19/23 - 7/7/23)
Section 752/753: Field Entomology (7/10/23  - 7/21/23)
Section 754/755: Forest and Fire Ecology (7/24/23 - 8/4/23)
Section 756/757: Lake and Stream Ecology (7/24/23 - 8/10/23)


FREN 3800: France and the Muslim World
Session B (7/11/23 - 8/11/23)

Political Science

PSCI 4252: Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism
Session A (6/5/23 - 7/7/23)

PSCI 2012: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Augmester (8/7/23 - 8/24/23)

Fall 2023 Featured Classes

CU in the City: Community Scholars Application

New Fall 2023 paid internship program for CU Boulder students! Open to all majors and degree programs!

The College of Arts and Sciences, through the Department of Political Science, and in conjunction with the CU Boulder Office of Government and Community Engagement, is excited to launch the Community Scholars Program, a Fall 2023 public service-learning opportunity. Up to 15 undergraduate students from CU will be placed in paid or stipend-supported community-based internships with the City of Boulder, other local government entities or nonprofit organizations in and around Boulder.

The Community Scholars Program provides a unique learning opportunity for undergraduate students to experience first-hand the dynamics of working within city government and community-based organizations. The internship experience is enriched through weekly seminars and briefings with leaders from the community. See the CU in the City: Community Scholars Application link for more information.

Asian Studies cont.

INDO 1110: Beginning Indonesian 1- DILS
INDO 2110: Intermediate Indonesian 1- DILS

NEPL 1110: Beginning Nepali 1- DILS

RLST 4650: Islam in the Modern World

TBTN 1120: Beginning Tibetan 2- DILS
TBTN 2120: Intermediate Tibetan 1- DILS

Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

REES/WGST 4471: Women in 20th-21st Century Russian, East European and Eurasian Cultures


New 8-Week Online sessions of WRTG 1150: First-Year Writing and Rhetoric!
Section 100: 8-Week Session 1 (8/28/23 - 10/18/23)
Section 101: 8-Week Session 1 (8/28/23 - 10/18/23) 
Section 150: 8-Week Session 2 (10/19/23 - 12/15/23)