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Who can take Honors Program courses?

CU Boulder incoming honors-qualified first-year and transfer students, and continuing undergraduates who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher, are eligible to take one Honors Program course per semester.  We do not require students to be enrolled full time; part-time students are also eligible to enroll in our courses.  There is no extra cost to take an honors version of a course.  Our courses are not required, which means that students who take Honors Program courses are choosing to work at an honors level.

Why take Honors Program courses?

  • Our courses are limited to 17 students, so every student is important to the class.
  • Compared to large lecture courses, our courses give students time and space for in-depth discussion.
  • Students in our courses undertake more individual research, often on topics of personal interest.
  • Many Honors Program courses fulfill educational requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Taking our courses prepares students for future intellectual pursuits, including honors thesis research.

2021 Summer Session course offering (check back for 2022 options):

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Session Subj Nbr Sect Title Days Time Modality Instructor


Summer Session B

July 6 - August 6

MATH 2510 820

Introduction to Statistics


    Remote Dr. Ilia Mishev QRM

MATH 2510:  Introduction to Statistics
Ilia Mishev
This is an introductory course in statistics. We will cover some of the fundamental ideas and tools used in statistics. Topics that we will cover include elementary statistical measures, statistical distributions, statistical inference, hypothesis testing and linear regression. We will also go over some of the basics of probability as they are necessary for our understanding of statistics.  Check out the MATH 2510 class flyer here