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Who can take Honors Program courses?

CU Boulder incoming honors-qualified freshmen and transfers, and continuing undergraduates who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher are eligible to take one Honors Program course per semester.  Our courses are not required, which means that students who take Honors Program courses are choosing to work at an honors level.

Why take Honors Program courses?

  • Our courses are limited to 17 students, so every student is important to the class.
  • Compared to large lecture courses, our courses give students time and space for in-depth discussion.
  • Students in our courses undertake more individual research, often on topics of personal interest.
  • Many Honors Program courses fulfill educational requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Taking our courses prepares students for future intellectual pursuits, including honors thesis research.

The Honors Program offered two courses during the 2020 Summer Session:

Session Subj Nbr Sect Title Days Time Bldg Room Instructor



May 13 - May 31

WGST 3670 800 Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Global Migration M-F 9:00am-Noon LIBR N424A Dr. Kate Fischer Social Sciences and Global Div

Summer Session A

June 3 - July 5

SOCY 1016 810 Sex, Gender, and Society 1 M-F 9:15-10:50am LIBR N424A Dr. Ali Hatch Social Sciences and Diversity U.S.