Expand your undergraduate experience: Participate in the Honors Scholars program

In 2016, the Honors Program Student Advisory Board created the Honors Scholars Program to provide an option for students looking to be a part of and help build a community in the Honors Program at CU Boulder. Since then, we have built a community of students within the Honors Program: the Honors Scholars.

The Honors Scholars Mission Statement:
The Honors Scholars Program is committed to fostering community and engagement while promoting intellectual growth. As Honors Scholars, we welcome and value our differences.

2023-2023 Graduating Honors Scholars

Requirements to graduate as an Honors Scholar:

  • You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Enroll in and complete Honors Program or Honors RAP courses totaling 9 credits, with at least 3 credits being an upper-division course. A maximum of 6 credits from classes in the Honors RAP count toward the 9-credit requirement.
  • Attend two Honors Program events each semester that the student is on campus. Semesters spent abroad are exempt from this requirement. Honors Coffee Hour attendance can only count for half of the total number of events. Honors RAP events do not count toward this requirement. 
  • Complete 5 hours of community service each semester (organized by the Honors Program or independently).
  • During your final semester at CU, you will be required to submit your transcript to the Honors Scholars Canvas community page to confirm that you have fulfilled the course and GPA requirements.
  • Students must declare their intention to be an Honors Scholar by the end of their fourth semester, with exception for transfer students. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact HonorsScholars@colorado.edu.

Why participate?

  • Participating in the Honors Scholars Program gives students an opportunity to be involved in the Honors Program outside of writing an honors thesis.
  • Attending Honors Program events and taking Honors Program classes allows students to meet people who are excited about and involved in different academic fields, outside one’s own major, to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue.
  • Joining the Honors Scholars Program allows you to participate in the Honors Network peer mentoring program.
  • Involvement in the Honors Scholars Program gives students the opportunity to talk with experts across campus, to access the expertise in research, art, and performance at CU Boulder.
  • Graduating as an Honors Scholar is a significant achievement that students can include on their resume and CV.  It shows a student’s participation in the Honors Program, even if the student does not write an honors thesis.

The Honors Scholars Program is designed for undergraduate students with a major in the College of Arts and Sciences but is open to undergradaute students from other colleges. The designation of copleting the Honors Scholars Program is not indicated on a student’s diploma or transcript, but can be included on a resume or CV.

Students will be recognized at a reception in spring semester in the year of their graduation:

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Transfer students and students planning to graduate in fewer than 4 years, please contact the Honors Program Student Advisory Board: honorsscholars@colorado.edu.

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    Questions? Contact the Honors Program Student Advisory Board: honorsscholars@colorado.edu.