Work-study is need-based financial aid that allows students to earn money by working a part-time job. Work-study jobs are like regular jobs; students are paid only for the hours they work, and personal activities like schoolwork are expected to be done outside of work hours. Work-study jobs are funded by the federal and state government and include both on and off-campus positions. In order to determine eligibility for work-study, students must apply for financial aid.



CU Boulder receives a limited amount of work-study funding from federal and state sources each year. Not all eligible students receive work-study.

Find or Post a Work-Study Job

Work-study jobs can be found in Buff Portal or can be posted through CU Boulder Student Jobs.


Student Employment maintains a waitlist of eligible students who did not receive work-study, but who are interested in obtaining a work-study job.


Work-study funds do not apply directly to a student's tuition bill. A student can earn up to the total work-study amount offered each term at a work-study job.

Summer Work-Study

Students may request summer financial aid, including work-study, by completing the Summer Financial Aid Application available in Buff Portal in February of each year or by giving us a call. Eligible students will recieve work-study immediately. You will need to be either enrolled in Summer 2024 or in both Spring 2024 and the following Fall 2024 by the start of summer semester to be eligible. In addition, be sure to complete the current 2023-24 FAFSA and the 2024-25 FAFSA, because you must demonstrate financial need to begin earning your summer work-study. If you have questions, get in touch with Student Employment for more information.

Important Dates

Work-study requires students to start and stop working based on a calendar similar to the academic year.