Students seeking financial aid are required to apply every year using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Although applying for financial aid is basically the same for all students, we want to provide more specific information based on where you are:

Special Populations

Financial support for undergraduate residents and nonresidents whose parent(s) or legal guardians don't have a bachelor's degree.

Support for Colorado resident students eligible under the ASSET or nonresidents eligible for DACA.

Financial assistance for residents who experienced foster care in Colorado.

Veterans benefits based on affiliation with the military.

International Students

International students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Learn about other funding opportunities available to international students through CU Boulder.

Financial Aid for Special Programs

The following programs offered at CU Boulder may impact your financial aid eligibility.

Accelerated & Concurrent (BA/MA) Degrees

Students enrolled in a concurrent bachelor's and master's degree program will see a change in their financial aid eligibility when graduate student status is met.

Continuing Education (online & flexible)

Students enrolled in Continuing Education courses may have different eligibility for aid. If you are considering taking a flexible, online or other course through Continuing Education, please read more for information.

Nondegree (preparatory or re-certification)

If you are not formally admitted into an undergraduate program, but would like to enroll in preparatory courses necessary for admission, you may enroll through Continuing Education. Federal loans may be available to you on a limited basis.

Education Abroad

Financial eligibility for these programs varies, so review this page to ensure that your plans are financially feasible.

Summer School

Financial aid is available to students who are interested in attending summer school or earning work-study in between two academic years.