Students may receive financial aid for flexible online courses with the following restrictions:

  • For a flexible course to count toward a student's enrollment status for a semester, the course must be added prior to the Main Campus add/drop deadline for that particular semester.
  • Students who receive financial aid for a flexible course will be required to complete the course within the term they enrolled in and received aid for. This is a federal regulation regarding eligibility for financial aid and is separate from the stated academic time frame of six months.
  • Students who enroll entirely in flexible courses may only qualify for financial aid to cover tuition, fees and books. If you are eligible for a Pell Grant, the grant will be calculated based on half-time enrollment even if you are enrolled for 12 or more flexible courses.
  • Students who receive aid for a flexible course and drop the course after the financial aid drop date but within the 40 days of the registration drop date may be subject to changes in their financial aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.
  • A flexible course is evaluated the same as a regular, main campus course when calculating Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • If you receive a Pell Grant for a flexible enrollment course(s) and don't complete the class by the end of the semester (receiving an I or W grade), the Pell Grant will be adjusted.

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