Degree-seeking students may be eligible for the following types of aid based on eligibility:


A grant is a type of financial aid that does not need to be repaid. Apply for each year by completing the FAFSA. If you are eligible for grant aid, your package may include a combination of federal, state and university grants.

Undergraduate Grants    Graduate Grants


A loan is a type of financial aid that must be repaid, with interest. It's important to consider repayment when applying for loans. (View our borrowing tips.) If you or your parents are interested in any type of loan, we recommend completing the FAFSA first so our office can provide the best loan options for you.

Undergraduate Loans    Graduate Loans    Parent Loans    Private Loans


Scholarships are considered financial aid and do not need to be repaid. You may qualify for scholarships even if you do not have financial need, but some scholarships may require it. New and continuing students can apply for CU Boulder Scholarships via the online application.


Work-study is a great way to earn money and gain valuable work experience. Financial need is required to be eligible. If you receive work-study, you will be responsible for finding and applying for a position. A searchable job database is available that includes a wide variety of employment opportunities on and off campus. 

Other Options for Paying for College

In addition to your financial aid, there are other options to help pay for college, such as PLUS loans, payment plans and savings.