Federal Parent PLUS & Graduate PLUS Loans

The Federal PLUS Loan is available to parents of dependent students and graduate students. It has an interest rate of 8.05% and has an origination fee. Borrowers (i.e. the parent or graduate student) will have to apply for the loan through studentaid.gov, which includes a credit check. View more information on Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS loans.

Student Employment

Studies show that students who work a moderate amount tend to make better grades, learn to manage their time efficiently, are more likely to persist to graduation, and may have to borrow less in student loans. The Bursar's Office has information on tuition due dates and payment plans. Students can save their earnings to help pay the bill by the due date. Student Employment manages the Work-Study program and has resources for on- and off-campus jobs.


Search for all available scholarships. Don't forget to search within your own community, starting with organizations you or your parents belong to. At CU Boulder, your admissions application will serve as an application for some scholarships. Research other scholarship opportunities on campus.


If you have set money aside for college, it's time to use it. Using your savings for college expenses is an investment in your future. It is a huge benefit to graduate with little to no student debt. Consider Section 529 College Savings Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts as possible savings vehicles.

Payment Plans

The Bursar’s Office offers optional payment plans that allow tuition and fees to be paid in monthly installments. Undergraduate and graduate students, or their authorized payers, may enroll providing they meet the eligibility requirements. Visit the Bursar’s website for eligibility information.

Earned Education Benefits

If you have earned AmeriCorps funding or Veterans benefits, consider using these funds if you are eligible to do so.  For details visit Using AmeriCorps Funding or view information for Veteran Students.

Private Loans

Private student loans should only be considered after you have reviewed any federal loans offered. Private loans are offered by private lenders and eligibility depends on a credit score. Compare federal and private loans and to get tips on private loans.

Plan for Graduation

By closely managing your enrollment each semester and ensuring you are on the right track to graduate, you can avoid spending more time in school. Stay in contact with your academic advisor to ensure a speedy graduation. We encourage financial responsibility and how to establish and keep a good credit history.

Still not sure? No problem. Visit with a Financial Aid Counselor.