When to expect summer aid
Summer aid applies to the bill the week before your session starts. Review summer session dates to determine when you'll get your aid.

Find your Bill &/or Financial Aid

Tuition & Fee Bill

You will receive an email from the Bursar's Office when your official bill is ready. Bills are only available online. View how to access the bill.

Watch a video to see how aid appears on the bill.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid will display in Buff Portal in one of two forms: estimated aid or accepted/offered financial aid, depending on the time of year and where you are in the application process.

Estimated aid is available for incoming students and is based on the assumption that you will enroll as a full-time student. If you enroll less than full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduates, and 6 credit hours for graduates) your financial aid will likely be adjusted.

How Financial Aid is Applied to the Bill

Students who have completed the following will have their aid applied directly to their tution & fee bill as early as the Monday before the first day of class for fall and spring or 7 days before the start of summer of classes.

  • completed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the coming academic year,
  • completed any additional requests for information from our office (received via email or posted as a “to-do” item in Buff Portal), and have
  • accepted their aid in Buff Portal and completed requested entrance counseling and the Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Any remaining financial aid will be returned to you in the form of a refund (see below). Remember: Work-study is not paid to the tuition & fee bill.

Some financial aid may be displayed as anticipated aid on your billing statement, but if it is not there - don't worry. Simply review your aid on the Financial Aid card in Buff Portal for accuracy.

Using AmeriCorps funding? AmeriCorps funding is sent to CU Boulder in two separate payments (start & midpoint each semseter). For more information, visit Using AmeriCorps Funding.

Parent Loans on the Bill

Parent loans will be applied to the bill the same way student loans are.

  • View your student's bill online - Parents can view the bill if they're set up as an authorized payer. See how to access the bill.
  • Check the status of a parent loan - Parent PLUS Loans won't show up as anticipated aid on the bill statement. The borrower will know their loan has been approved once they receive a loan disclosure statement from the Federal Direct Loan Servicer. Also, ask your student to check Buff Portal to make sure there are no missing items that could delay the payment of the loan.
  • Parent loan refunds - If the Parent PLUS Loan exceeds the student’s bill, the excess will be refunded to whoever was designated on the PLUS application. If the parent elected for the student to receive the refund, it will direct deposit into the student's bank account. If the parent elected to receive the refund directly, a check will be mailed to the parent's permanent address which could take up to 2 additional weeks.


Set up Direct Deposit for Refunds

Direct deposit is required - it is also the easiest and fastest way to receive your financial aid refund. View the step-by-step instructions.

Receive your Refund

Any aid that exceeds your bill will be available to you per the Bursar's Office refund policy and schedule. Check Buff Portal to make sure there are no items in your "To-Do" list. Missing items can delay your financial aid. Financial Aid payments are made nightly.