Additional forms may be necessary to complete your financial aid application. Please only submit requested forms. If we have requested additional forms, you will receive an email and it will appear in Buff Portal.

The secure document upload is the quickest way to submit a form. We also accept faxed forms 24 hours a day. For security reasons, we cannot accept forms via email attachment.

For Continuing Students: To confirm that we received your document, allow up to 3 business days, then log in to Buff Portal, open your holds/to-do's and each to-do item will have it's current status listed in the description.

Graduating Student Eligibility Form

This form is for students who have applied for graduation, but will postpone graduation or will graduate and begin a new program at CU Boulder.
Graduating Student Eligibility

Contract for Nondegree Aid

Contract for Nondegree Aid

Nondegree Course Certification

This form is for students working toward admission to a graduate program, second undergraduate program, or teacher certification.
Nondegree Course Certification

Financial Aid for Undocumented Students

Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (Asset/Undocumented students only)

Verification forms are provided directly to financial aid applicants. If you are asked to complete a verification form, a link will be provided to you via email. Students can also log in to Buff Portal and view holds and to-do items. This will include a list of all requested forms with links to each. Learn more about verification.

To completely process a loan, students and parents are required to complete loan request forms and other authorizations.

Parent PLUS Loan Request

Parent PLUS Loan

Direct Loan (Master Promissory Note or MPN)

Loan Reduction or Cancellation

2021-22 Loan Reduction/Cancellation

Parent PLUS - Change Refund Options

2021-22 Parent PLUS Change Refund Options

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification

If you have unusual circumstances such as loss of income or high medical expenses you may submit an appeal to our office. If you received a notice indicating you have not met the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, you may submit a SAP appeal if you have extenuating circumstances.

Professional Judgment Appeal

For information on how to submit an appeal based on loss of income, high medical expenses, or dependency override, view our Unusual Circumstances webpage

2021-22 Professional Judgment Appeal

Request to Increase Cost of Attendance

2021-22 Increase Cost of Attendance

Computer Cost of Attendance Increase Request

See 2021-22 Request to Increase Cost of Attendance form for 2021-22 computer costs

Statement of No Parental Information

2021-22 No Parental Information

Parent in College

2021-22 Parent in College Statement

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

 2021-22 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

CU Boulder Grant Credit Limit Appeal

 2021-22 CU Boulder Grant Credit Limit Appeal

Remaining Courses Required for Degree Form

Complete this form to appeal for financial aid if you have exceeded the maximum allowed credit hours to complete your degree or exceeded the 150 credit hour limit to receive university-funded grants.
Remaining Courses Required for Degree

Donors and students can find information and forms here to assist our office in administering private scholarships payments.

View Scholarship Forms

Employers and students can find forms here to assist with all of their employment needs.

View Student Employment Forms