We want to help you get the correct information to our office.

  • If we need additional information or documentation, we will email a direct link to the necessary form or to instructions on how to obtain & provide documentation.

    • For incoming students and parents of dependent students, check the email address listed on the admissions application and/or your financial aid application.

    • Admitted, current and continuing students should check their CU Boulder email address.

  • Continuing students can see most financial aid related requests in Buff Portal to-do list.

Get help with forms requiring multiple signatures.

  • If you complete and submit an online form, you do NOT need to submit a copy of the completed online form, nor do you need to complete the PDF version of the form. As long as you hit submit and were redirected to a confirmation page, you can safely assume it has been received.

  • Online forms require the student's identity to be verified before the form can be submitted. Please remember to use your full first name (i.e. Robert instead of "Bobby") and have your CU Student ID available (how to lookup your SID).

    • Forms completed by parents must verify the student's identity information as well.

  • Based on responses to each question, additional guidance or document requests will appear within the form itself and be required in order to submit the form.

  • Progress on forms cannot be saved. If you need more time, you will need to start over by clicking on the link at a later time.

  • Make sure you click on Submit and are redirected to a confirmation page to verify the form was sent to our office.

  • Every time you click on the link you will see a blank form. This does not mean you haven’t submitted it previously.

  • If using Chrome or Safari as your web browser: you need to download/save the PDF form before you fill it out if you wish to save it. (Remember: All PDF forms need to be printed and signed before submitting them to our office.)

  • To ensure your documents are processed accurately and timely, write your CU Student ID number on every document and make sure everything is signed.

  • Print, sign, scan and submit your complete documents using our secure document upload.

  • Electronic signatures on PDF forms and email attachments cannot be accepted for security reasons.

We strongly recommend you only provide information requested by our office. Additional information can slow down processing your application and result in additional information being requested.