How it Works

  1. Both the student and their parent will be notified of a form they need to complete. While both the student and parent needs to complete this form, it cannot be completed at the same time.
  2. Either person can complete & sign the form first, but the first person to access the form must complete all fields of the form in order to submit it. If the second person to access the form needs to make changes, they will need to start the process over (see Changing Information Between Signatures below).
  3. Once the first person has completed the form, they should submit it. An email will be sent (with a personalized link to the partially-completed form) to the other person to review and sign. The second person must use this custom link to add their signature. If they use the initial link, they will invalidate the first person's signature and both parties must start over. The second signer has 35 days to review and sign the form otherwise the content will expire and both parties will need to start over. (Reminder emails will be sent every 10 days until the form expires.)
  4. Once both parties have completed the form, it will be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid for processing. 

Changing Information Between Signatures

If the information provided by the first person to complete the form is incorrect, a new form will need to be completed with the correct information. To complete a new form and re-start the process, the student/parent should access the form from the original link provided (via Buff Portal or a "missing information" email). Either person can submit the initial form; however, the first person to complete it will need to fill out all fields. Once the new form has been submitted, an email will be sent to the other person (student/parent) to review & sign. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Any fields marked as “required” must be populated in order for the form to be submitted & sent to the next person to sign. If the information provided is incorrect, a new form should be submitted (see Changing Information Between Signatures above).

Please follow the original form link (provided in Buff Portal or a "missing information" email) and submit the form again.

Students with access to Buff Portal can view the form status in their Hold/To-Do Items list. Statuses are listed at the bottom of each To-Do Item description. Once the form is completed by both parties and submitted, it will be sent to our office. Once we have received it, we will update to To-Do Item status to “received” or "processing". It will disappear from your To Do Items once it has been reviewed and deemed complete by our office. If for any reason the form is incomplete or incorrect, our office will email you.

The last form to be submitted will be the only active form.

A new email will be sent to your student/parent every time you submit the form, but only the last email’s link can be used to complete the form.

Please complete the PDF (paper) version of the form. You can get this by following the link you received to the online form. A PDF version is available via hyperlink at the top of the online version.