Students may be asked to provide documentation in addition to the FAFSA as part of the verification process. Please only submit additional information if we request you to do so.

What is Verification?

Verification is a process to review data reported on your FAFSA and confirm its accuracy. If selected, students are required to provide any requested documentation. Failure to submit documentation by the deadline may prevent the student from receiving financial aid entirely.

We primarily verify income data and will submit corrections to the FAFSA if we find any discrepancies. Any corrections to the FAFSA may result in an adjustment to a student’s aid eligibility.

How Does Verification Impact My Aid?

We provide estimated financial aid offers in the spring before students' first year of college only to those to have completed the FAFSA. These estimates may change in the verification process.

Verification can stop most of your financial aid offer from being applied to your tuition and fee bill. It is important that you submit the information requested from you as soon as possible to receive your aid.

If you have questions about the verification process, please visit with one of our financial aid counselors.

Submitting Additional Information

Our office will send you an email to let you know what (if any) additional documents are needed. These requested items will be listed as a "To-Do" item in Buff Portal If you have already submitted a document, it will appear in your “To-Do” list.

You will be notified by email if any adjustments to your aid are made as a result of the information you submitted.

If you make a mistake on the FAFSA you can submit a correction through their website. We will receive the corrections if our school code is included on the transaction.