The First Generation Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate residents and nonresidents who have financial need and whose parent(s) or legal guardians do not have a bachelor's degree. During the first year, recipients are required to participate in the First Generation Scholars Program, offered through the Center for Inclusion & Social Change. 


To be considered for 2024-25, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (or apply for aid as an undocumented student) and the CU Boulder Scholarship Application by March 15, 2024.

After you complete the general application, you will be prompted to complete the CU Boulder First Generation Scholarship Application if eligible. Priority is given to those who apply by March 15. If funds remain, applications submitted after this date may be considered.


Residents: $4,000 per year
Nonresidents: $8,000 per year


Renewal Criteria

  • Continue to meet eligibility requirements (i.e. undergraduate, demonstrated financial need).
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. Academic progress will be reviewed at the completion of each semester.
  • Meet the program requirements provided through the Center for Inclusion & Social Change.
  • Must have received the scholarship in a previous year.
  • Residents: This scholarship may be renewed up to ten semesters or 150 credit hours (whichever comes first.)
    • Transfer credits accepted by the university are included in the 150 credit hour limit.
    • Courses taken for no-credit through Continuing Education and Professional Studies do not count toward the minimum credit hours.
  • Nonresidents: This scholarship may be renewed for eight semesters or four years (whichever comes first.)

Students who received grant before 2020-21 should review the First Generation Grant criteria.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Undergraduate, degree-seeking students are eligible to return to the university within 1-3 terms from their last graded semester without readmitting or reapplying for admission (read more on the Registrar’s website).
  • If you will be absent from CU or withdraw during a semester and wish to continue receiving the scholarship upon your return (if eligible), please notify us.
  • Withdrawal grades may impact your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Summer School or Education Abroad

The First Generation Scholarship cannot be used for summer courses. You may use the First Generation Scholarship for semesters in CU Boulder sponsored Education Abroad programs. The scholarship is not available for other Education Abroad programs.