CU Boulder faculty and staff members can submit a single application each academic year to be considered for up to three different funds designed to support their dependents who are pursuing higher education.

Scholarship Opportunities for Dependents

Children of Faculty/Staff Scholarship

  • Typical Scholarship Amount: $750-$1,500 once per award year
  • Eligible School(s): Any accredited post-secondary Colorado institution
  • Semesters Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • View More Info, Eligibility Requirements

Faculty/Staff Dependent Endowment Scholarship

  • Typical Scholarship Amount: $1,000 once per award year
  • Eligible School(s): Any accredited post-secondary institution, including those outside of the state of Colorado
  • Semesters Available: Fall, Spring
  • View More Info, Eligibility Requirements

Elevations Credit Union Faculty/Staff Dependent Scholarship

How to Apply

Faculty and staff members may submit one application per academic year for each dependent student. To apply for the Faculty/Staff Scholarships listed above, fill out the Faculty/Staff Dependent Scholarship Application and mail to:

University of Colorado Boulder
Scholarship Services
Attn: Faculty/Staff Scholarship
77 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0077

Application Deadlines

Only one application per dependent student will be considered each academic year (fall-spring/summer). Please do not submit additional applications each semester. Submit your application by:

  • July 1 for students beginning fall term
  • December 1 for students beginning spring term
  • May 1 for students beginning summer term

Scholarship notifications will be mailed to students.

Distribution of Funds

A check will be sent to the scholarship administrator at the school specified on the application. Every effort will be made to send funds early in the semester; however, applicants should be prepared to pay their bills in full. The recipient’s school will credit their tuition and fees bill for the amount of the scholarship for that semester. If the student’s bill is paid in full at the time the scholarship is received and the student’s scholarship and other financial aid do not exceed the institution’s cost of attendance, the student will receive a refund for the full amount of the scholarship. Students who withdraw from school are not eligible to keep the scholarship for that semester. Their institution will be asked to refund the scholarship in full to CU Boulder.

Changing Schools or Semester of Enrollment

Please notify Scholarship Services ASAP if the institution the student chooses to attend changes from that specified on this application. We will require a refund from the institution reported on the initial application before the scholarship will be sent to the new school. Additionally, please notify our office if the term of enrollment specified on the application has changed.

The University of Colorado also offers a Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit to eligible employees which may be transferred to their eligible dependents.