The CU Boulder Children of Faculty/Staff Scholarship is one of three scholarships you will be considered for when you submit the Faculty/Staff Scholarship Application. This scholarship is funded from Boulder vending machine proceeds and provides scholarships annually to children of Boulder-based faculty and staff.

Award Details

  • Typical Award amount: $750; once per award year
  • Eligible School(s): Any accredited post-secondary Colorado institution
  • Semesters Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Application Deadline(s):
    • Fall: July 1
    • Spring: December 1
    • Summer: May 1

Student Eligibility

  • Dependent students need to be admitted to a degree or certificate program, be in good academic standing, and enrolled full-time at an eligible, accredited post-secondary institution.

Parent Eligibility

  • Permanently employed faculty or staff, retired or deceased, whose current employment has been at least half time for three years, or whose death occurred while employed at the University regardless of length of service.
  • The amount of the scholarship award will be prorated according to the percent of employment if less than 100%. If the percent time has changed over the past three years, we will use the status maintained during the most recent full year of employment.
  • CU System employees are eligible if their primary work location is in Boulder.