This program is dedicated to supporting first-generation scholars with innovative programming that amplifies their diverse voices and builds community at CU Boulder. Students will have opportunities to build strong academic and social foundations for their collegiate journey. 

“The programs (academic and financial) at CU helped me build capabilities and confidence to succeed. Thank you for providing this support.”
– Rajesh Rajchal, First Generation Scholarship recipient

We support first-generation scholars by:

  • Creating visibility. We highlight and center the experiences of first-generation students, faculty and staff across campus. 
  • Enhancing strengths. We promote and host regular academic, professional and community-building events that center the strengths, skills and diverse experiences of first-generation students.
  • Fostering a sense of community and celebration. We create spaces of connection, mentorship and community among students who identify as first generation.

Note that while our primary role is to support scholars, all first-generation students can see the campus resources listed below. 

  • Partnerships. We create synergistic relationships with campus partners to strengthen and expand resources for first-generation students.
  • Celebration. We foster a sense of belonging by celebrating first-generation identities and community through authentic self-expression.
  • Transformation. We design and implement community engagement and career-based opportunities for first-generation students and other identities.
  • Graduation. We develop programs that build community and aid in the retention, progression and graduation of first-generation students at CU Boulder.

  • First-Gen Fridays – the first Friday of each month
  • Financial literacy and money management
  • Career readiness and professional development
  • Community building – mixers, movie nights, etc.

  • First generation faculty and staff directory
  • First Buffs Peer Mentoring Program 
  • Holistic leadership development and engagement opportunities
  • Academic resources
  • First Generation Scholarship (2020–beyond)
  • First Generation Grant (2018–20)
  • Free swag – shirts, water bottles, pennants, pens, stickers
  • Connection to other first-generation offices and programs

Please contact Mike Jones or Jerry Nguyen if you have any questions.