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Work-Study is need-based financial aid. Get a quick overview of the program with our work-study web page or watch our work-study video.

Student Employment posts job announcements for on and off-campus employers, visible only to current CU students. This is a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding employers, nor do we make any representations or guarantees about positions posted. More information about this service is available on our website.

Student employees working for CU are limited to a maximum of 25 hours per week, or 50 hours per bi-weekly pay period, during the fall and spring semesters and to 40 hours per week (or 80 hours per bi-weekly pay period) during the summer. More information about this policy is available on our policy web page.

Students may request summer financial aid, including work-study, by completing the Summer Financial Aid Application available in MyCUInfo beginning in February. Review our Summer Work-Study web page for details.

The work-study waitlist is for students who qualify for work-study, but did not automatically receive it. See how to get on the work-study waitlist.

We recommend that employers use our student job descriptions and pay ranges as a guide when writing job descriptions specific to their department.

Student Employment posts position announcements for on and off-campus employers, visible only to current CU students. For more information, including how to post, visit our website.

Employers can view student work-study awards and earnings throughout the semester using in Campus Solutions. For instructions, view the Work-Study Employer View page in CU-SIS PDF below Employer Resources.

If the employer was charged 100% and needs were transferred to work-study, please submit the Late Pay/Hourly to Work-Study Transfer form. If work-study was charged to the wrong speedtype or you need to move earnings to a different speedtype, please complete the Suspense/Employer Charges to Work-Study Transfer form. Forms are available on our website.