Not all eligible students receive work-study automatically – the waitlist is for those who qualify for work-study but don’t have it yet.

  • The work-study waitlist is for students who have expressed interest in work-study, located a potential work-study employer, and for whom that employer has submitted an Employer Request for Work-Study Form to Student Employment.
  • We review available funding after each biweekly pay period. If the earnings across campus allow, we will offer work-study to students on the waitlist.
  • Every two weeks, we give work-study to as many students as possible with available work-study funds. Until October 1, priority is given to students who had work-study in the last school year (including summer). All students on the waitlist will be considered after October 1.
  • A student's position on the work-study waitlist is determined by multiple factors, but we offer work-study on a first-come, first-served basis by date.
  • There is no guarantee that students on the waitlist will recieve work-study and we’re happy to talk with supervisors about specific questions.
  • Students should be clear about whether or not they have work-study when speaking with prospective employers. Employers are free to hire students as hourly student employees if they choose.
  •  It may be necessary for a student to reduce other types of financial aid (such as loans) to "make room" for work-study as part of their total financial aid. If adjustments are necessary when we offer work-study to a student, we will contact the student before making any adjustments.