Student studies at picnic tableWhat's the difference?

If you have been academically suspended from CU Boulder and want to return, you will have to request to be reinstated. If you were also away from CU Boulder for more than 3 semesters, you will, in addition, need to complete a readmission application.

If you were taking courses through the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, you are not considered as having been "away" from CU Boulder. In this case, you do not need to complete a readmission application.

If you were away for more than 3 semesters and you are in good academic standing, you just need to submit the readmission application. A separate reinstatement petition is not required. See the readmission procedures section at the bottom of this page.


I'm on academic suspension and I want to return to CU Boulder. What are my options?


Reinstatement Procedures

If you have been academically suspended from CU Boulder and plan to return, you must complete the reinstatement process. Reinstatement eligibility requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. There are two ways a student can meet this GPA requirement:

  • Complete course work at CU Boulder during the summer term and/or through CU Continuing Education to raise your cumulative CU GPA. Many continuing ed courses are offered online or even on campus in the evenings at CU Boulder. You may also consider completing course work at another CU campus (Denver or Colorado Springs). If you have raised your CU cumulative GPA to a 2.000 or higher through the CU course work options listed here, please email to request reinstatement.


  • Complete course work at another accredited college or university. For reinstatement purposes, your cumulative GPA at CU Boulder plus the grades and credit hours resulting from all work done at other institutions after your suspension or dismissal must calculate to a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0.
    • After contacting the College of Arts and Sciences regarding reinstatement, transferable course work will be applied as appropriate toward meeting graduation requirements. The grades in transfer work, however, will not be calculated into your CU system GPA – these grades are used for reinstatement purposes only. After you are reinstated, you will have the same cumulative CU GPA that you have now, but you will have two semesters to raise your cumulative CU GPA to a 2.0 before facing another academic suspension.


Ready to come back?

Regardless of the option you choose to pursue for reinstatement, please notify or provide the A&S Academic Operations team with a reinstatement petition when you have qualified for reinstatement. This is not done automatically. If you have achieved good academic standing via CU Boulder continuing education coursework, you can simply call 303-735-5591 or email to discuss reinstatement. 

If you have taken courses at a school outside of the CU system, please provide the A&S Academic Operations team with a reinstatement petition, as well as an official transcript of all course work completed elsewhere, including final grades for the most recent term of enrollment. We will not accept an interim report of courses in progress.

Reinstatement Petition


Readmission Procedures

If a student has not been active at CU Boulder for 3 or more semesters, they may need to apply for readmission to the university through the admissions office

The admissions office will accept an application, even though a student may have a suspension notation on record. However they cannot process the application until reinstatement is granted. Please be sure to submit your readmit request well in advance of the semester for which you plan to return.