The Space Minor is part of the larger campus-wide Grand Challenge initiative and is open to all CU Boulder students regardless of major.  The Space Minor is designed to provide all students enrolled in the minor with an over-arching background in all aspects of space through the required Pathway to Space course. Course topics include:

  • Space science and exploration
  • Human spaceflight and life sciences
  • Aeronautics and near space
  • Launch and spacecraft systems
  • Climate and environment
  • Space business, policy, and politics
  • Space arts, media, and history

Following this required Pathway to Space course, Space Minor students will be able to select four elective courses in specialized areas in the study and application of space from numerous colleges on the CU Boulder campus. It is expected that CU Boulder will become the destination campus for students interested in applications of space regardless of their area of study. Students who meet the requirements of the Space Minor will gain valuable knowledge and broader perspective to add to their major degree giving them an advantage when pursuing employment in space-related careers.

Requirements for Space Minor Enrollment

If you're interested in enrolling in the Space Minor, please follow these admission requirement steps:

  • be an admitted student at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • have a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA
  • complete the online Space Minor enrollment form


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