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* = Certificates are not technically a degree, but can be pursued to supplement a bachelor's degree

The Certificate in Global Environmental Affairs is offered jointly by the Program in International Affairs (IAFS) and the Program in Environmental Studies (ENVS).  This certificate is open to all majors at CU Boulder, and it draws upon courses and interdisciplinary expertise in both IAFS and ENVS. This certificate links and develops knowledge of global environmental policies and practices. For IAFS and ENVS students, it will provide additional value for the two interdisciplinary majors.  

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Why do the GEA?

The certificate in Global Environmental Affairs provides students with opportunities to personalize undergraduate learning across disciplinary lines and to deepen student engagement with world problems. The certificate includes both formal coursework and a 3-credit off-campus experiential component. This experiential learning component may be completed through internship, study abroad, or CU in DC. This requirement not only enriches the students’ educational experience through applied learning and fieldwork, but it also helps students demonstrate their skills and experience as they prepare for graduation and the job market. 

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