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* = Certificates are not technically a degree, but can be pursued to supplement a bachelor's degree

Undergraduate students majoring in: Psychology and Neuroscience, Philosophy, Linguistics, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Education or Architecture and Planning may be interested in extending the breadth of their undergraduate studies to include the cognitive sciences and earn a Certificate in Cognitive Science. 

Training in cognitive science prepares students admirably well for many of the fields that are targeted as the major growth fields of the 21st century: telecommunications, information processing, medical analysis, data retrieval, education and multimedia. As the world is enveloped by the information age, cognitive scientists will be uniquely positioned to deal with this information.

Students interested in the program should meet with the Faculty Fellows from their major department and fill out the admission/application form.

Upon completion of the program requirements, students must provide a transcript to the Academic Program Director. The Academic Program Director will review the transcript to ascertain whether the student has met the requirements. Once approved, the Institute will contact the Registrar’s Office to include the certification on the student's official record. Certificates are awarded at the Institute’s spring celebration.

Undergraduate students usually apply for admission to the program during their sophomore year and typically no later than the beginning of their junior year. Applications are accepted year-round. Earning the Certificate involves meeting the course requirements.

The ICS Academic Program Director will approve the enrollment on the basis of an unofficial transcript and the information provided by the student on the admission/application form.