The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to supporting all students, including undocumented, DACA and ASSET-eligible students.

Students Eligible under Colorado ASSET Bill: Effective Fall 2013 under Colorado’s ASSET bill, Senate Bill 13-033, undocumented students who meet all eligibility requirements may qualify for in-state tuition at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Applying for Admission

Step 1: Apply to CU Boulder

Submit a Common Application. This information is used to determine tuition classification and financial aid eligibility. In the citizenship section, please do the following:

  • Select your citizenship status: Other (Non-US)
  • List of citizenship: Select the country
  • Do you currently hold a valid U.S. Visa? No

Step 2: Submit all residency documents

If you completed and submitted the CU Boulder application as above, we will contact you via email to tell you that you may qualify for in-state tuition under the ASSET bill. You will be asked to provide the Office of Admissions with your final, official high school transcript as well as submit a signed affidavit saying you are currently seeking legal status or will seek it as soon as you are eligible. The affidavit is part of the College Opportunity Fund application and can be found on the College Opportunity Fund website. Submit all documents by July 1st.

If you have previously submitted a College Opportunity Fund and identified as a lawful citizen, you will receive instructions on how to submit a corrected paper COF application from a tuition classification officer in the Office of the Registrar. It is important that you take action on all items to complete the process.

Step 3: Apply for College Opportunity Fund (COF) and submit affidavit

Follow the instructions on the CU Boulder Registrar’s website on how to apply for COF, which is a state benefit that reduces the amount of in-state tuition you pay. You will also be able to submit the affidavit mentioned above. Complete the COF affidavit. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Continue with the electronic application and affidavit by filling in your birthdate or clicking on the word ‘here’ to fill out a paper affidavit. If you do the paper affidavit, please mail it to College Opportunity Fund, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1700, Denver, CO 80202. Submit by July 1.

Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships

ASSET students are eligible for need-based CU Boulder grants including the First Generation grant. 

ASSET students are eligible for any CU scholarship available to Colorado residents unless U.S citizenship is specifically listed as a requirement. Opportunities include CU Boulder Esteemed Scholarships and scholarships offered through the CU Boulder Scholarship Application. ASSET students can apply for state and university aid each year beginning October 1 by completing the ASSET Financial Aid Application, also referred to as the CASFA.

Private scholarships can supplement awards from CU Boulder. Visit our scholarship database for both CU Boulder and private scholarship opportunities.

Step 5: Find resources at CU Boulder

Natalie Goodman

Financial Aid  
Office of Financial Aid

Office of the Registrar
303-492-6970 (option 3)