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The Environmental Center; Utility and Energy Services; the College of Arts and Sciences; Theatre & Dance; and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival

The Department of Theatre & Dance recently replaced much of the University Theatre’s incandescent lighting equipment with energy-efficient versions featuring light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. 

The configuration consumes one-tenth the power of incandescent lights while vastly reducing waste. Incandescent lights, still a staple throughout the industry, require nearly 2,800 pounds of lamps every eight to 10 years, not including packaging. Now, one LED light can replace three to four old lights and provide a decade’s worth of lighting. 

Even more exciting: Students get real-world experience on cutting-edge technology, managing some of the same “moving, intelligent lighting” systems being used everywhere from Broadway to NBA arenas. 

Some adjustments that previously took hours to complete are now done with the push of a button, allowing lighting design students to expand their creative design potential and collaborate with performers in real time.

Performers on stage at University Theatre

Performers dancing on stage at University Theatre