Science student and professor

New $7 million initiative seeks to spark curiosity in K–12 science students

William Penuel, a professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science, imagines science classrooms where children are free to explore what makes them curious—asking then answering their own questions on topics ranging from ocean acidification to antibiotic resistance in hospitals.

Sea ice mural in downtown Boulder by Kendall Kippley

Arctic sea ice trend depicted through art

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe, and one serious consequence is sea ice loss.

CU Boulder researchers

New CU Boulder COVID-19 test

Cheaper, faster test trades uncomfortable nose swab for spit-in-a-tube simplicity in effort to detect virus before it spreads

Rachel Sharpe holds up bags holding bands for face shields made with 3D printers on the CU Boulder campus.

Labs use 3D printers to create face shield parts for health care workers

As coronavirus cases mounted in Colorado, several dozen 3D printers on the CU Boulder campus roared back to life to make personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers on the front lines of the crisis.

A business displaying a sign that they are currently closed due to COVID-19.

Program helps entrepreneurs survive the COVID-19 economy

A new CU Boulder initiative, COventure Forward, is determined to help Colorado’s small businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Series of smartphones with screens reading "Facebook."

Mathematician using Facebook data to fight COVID-19

Daniel Larremore, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and in the BioFrontiers Institute, relies on math to track the spread of human diseases.

Woman sits in an airport while wearing a mask.

Experts weigh in on airborne transmission of COVID-19

COVID-19 may be able to travel from person to person through tiny particles floating in the air, according to a letter signed by 239 scientists from across the globe.

Administering a vaccine

Developing the COVID-19 vaccine is only half the battle

Distributing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine may be even more challenging than developing it, which is why CU Boulder researchers and the CU spinoff VitriVax Inc. are so focused on finding a way to get vaccines to 7.8 billion people.

Drive up covid testing

Rising to the challenge: COVID-19 research solutions

Rising to the challenge: COVID-19 research solutions for campus and beyond

Open book and plant graphic

New models of education in times of change

In a time of uncertainty and ever-changing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in schools, many education scholars and schools are turning to research to help guide the way and reduce inequities in education.