Tarantula nebula3rd Global 21-cm Workshop

October 19-21, 2020

The field of 21-cm Cosmology is experiencing a rapid growth, with both theory and experiments producing new high impact science on a regular basis. The theme of the global 21-cm signal has been driving the attention of the international community since the results from the EDGES Low Band experiment were published in early 2018. The reported signal detected by EDGES cannot be explained by standard physical models and triggers questions on both theoretical and experimental aspects. Several experimental groups around the globe are currently exploiting different strategies and experimental approaches aiming at throwing new light on the matter. At the same time, theorists are trying hard to explain the detection using both standard physics and exotic scenarios.

This meeting aims at bringing together, for the 3rd time, the Global 21-cm community, both experimentalist and theoreticians, to discuss the progress in the field and the prospects going forward. The meeting will be organized and hosted by the University of Cambridge, UK. More information.

URSI logoURSI - National Radio Science Meeting

January 6-9, 2021 

This meeting is scheduled to be held at the University of Colorado Boulder. All abstracts or summaries must be submitted online by Sunday, September 20, 2020. More information is available or at National Radio Science Meeting website.

American Astronomical Society logoAmerican Astronomical Society 237th Meeting

January 11-15, 2021 Virtual/Online only

The virtual AAS 237 meeting will include many of the same features and rich content that registrants at in-person gatherings have come to expect, include plenary talks, parallel oral sessions, iPosters, iPoster-Plus sessions, town halls, splinter meetings, workshops, press conferences, an interactive exhibit hall, and multiple networking opportunities. All talks will be recorded for later access and, as usual, iPosters will be available shortly before, during, and after the meeting. Registration for the virtual meeting will open in August, with a significantly reduced fee structure relative to an in-person meeting. More information about the meeting.

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