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Young person checking cellphone

Want to be more aware when CU sends alerts and advisories?

There’s an additional way to receive notifications during all three levels of alerts, not just for CU Emergency Alerts. Read more
People participating in Bike to Work Day

Biking tips for winter Bike to Work Day

Biking to campus is a great way to get exercise and practice sustainability. Celebrate Bike to Work Day on Feb. 10 by riding to campus, and get free food at the Environmental Center breakfast station. Read more
Arms rest over an outdoor railing, hands clutched.

How to help if you’re concerned about a student

Faculty and staff can be the first people to notice when a student is going through a tough time. The first step to getting students assistance is recognizing they need help and then referring them to Student Support & Case Management. Here’s how. Read more
A Chinese surveillance balloon in U.S. airspace before it was shot down by the U.S. military

Chinese spy balloon over the US: An aerospace expert explains

The U.S. military shot down what officials have called a Chinese surveillance balloon off the coast of South Carolina on Feb. 4, 2023. Professor Iain Boyd explains how such balloons work and what they can see. Read it on The Conversation. Read more
The sun sets behind the UMC loggia.

Faculty assembly talks ChatGPT

At its recent monthly meeting, the Boulder Faculty Assembly agreed the CU Honor Code covers ChatGPT’s use by students, but more discussion is needed on the pluses and minuses of the tool. Read more
CAAAS staff pose with founder and director Reiland Rabaka and Deion 'Coach Prime' Sanders

Energized crowd welcomes new African and African American studies center to campus

Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and Boulder community members packed the narrow halls of Macky Auditorium on the first day of Black History Month to celebrate the campus’s newest "cause"—the grand opening of the Center for African and African American Studies. Read more

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