The Frontiers of Engineering program brings together a select group of emerging engineering leaders from industry, academia, and government labs to discuss pioneering and leading edge engineering research. The goal of the meetings is to introduce these outstanding early career engineers to each other, and through this interaction facilitate collaboration in engineering, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields, and establishment of contacts among the next generation of engineering leaders. Participation in this National Academy of Engineering function is by invitation-only following a competitive selection process.


Professor Kristi Anseth of the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Kristi Anseth

Tony Tisone Endowed Chair • National Academies: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2019), National Academy of Sciences (2013), National Academy of Engineering (2009), National Academy of Medicine (2009) • Frontiers of Engineering: U.S. Chair (2012-2014), U.S. Organizing Committee (2004), U.S. Participant (1998) • NSF CAREER Award (1998)
mark borden

Mark Andrew Borden

Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Mark Borden is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Fellow of Materials Science Engineering and Affiliate Member of Bioengineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. He received a BS from the University of Arizona and PhD from the University of California Davis, both in chemical engineering. Prior to joining CU Boulder in 2010, he was an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. Borden’s research interests are in the...
Chris Bowman

Christopher Bowman

Patten Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering
Chris Bowman is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. A world expert in photopolymerization, Bowman designs advanced materials for dental restorations, biomaterials, liquid crystal displays and more. Bowman joined the faculty in 1992 and is a former department chair, former associate dean for research in the college and founding director of the Materials Science and Engineering Program. He also serves as co-director of the NSF...
elizabeth bradley

Elizabeth Bradley

Professor in Computer Science
Liz Bradley received the SB, SM and PhD degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983, 1986 and 1992, respectively, including a one-year leave of absence to compete in the 1988 Olympic Games. She has been with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder since January 1993; she also holds appointments and affiliations with a variety of engineering departments. Her current research activities focus on...
robert braun

Robert D. Braun

Smead Endowed Chair of Space Technology
Robert D. Braun is dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is also the college's first Smead Endowed Chair of Space Technology, a position that recognizes leadership, creativity and technical excellence in space systems. Braun is the former David and Andrew Lewis Professor of Space Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he served on the faculty from 2003-16. Prior...
Jennifer Cha

Jennifer Cha

David Clough Endowed Professor
Jennifer Cha is a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Cha’s research focuses on the design, synthesis and integration of biomolecular materials for nanoscience and earned her the Provost’s Faculty Achievement Award in 2015. She serves as co-PI of the NSF Soft Materials Research Center at CU Boulder. A 2010 participant in the NAE’s Frontiers of Engineering symposium, Cha serves as associate department chair and is also...
al gasiewski

Albin J Gasiewski

Professor in Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
Professor Albin J. Gasiewski is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Director of the NOAA-CU Center for Environmental Technology (CET). He is an internationally-recognized expert in passive and active remote sensing of atmospheric, land surface, cryospheric and oceanographic processes, and contributor to several related underlying disciplines, including electromagnetic wave propagation, scattering, and radiative transfer theory and applications, signal detection, estimation, and model-based...
andrew goodwin

Andrew Goodwin

Chemical & Biological Engineering
Andrew Goodwin is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. He is a recipient of the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award and the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award. Goodwin’s research interests include colloid and interface science, polymer science and engineering, drug delivery and cancer research. Goodwin earned his PhD at the University of California Berkeley and joined the CU Boulder faculty in 2012. He...
Christoffer Heckman, Assistant Professor in Computer Science at CU Boulder

Christoffer Heckman

Jacques I. Pankove Faculty Fellow
Chris Heckman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Jacques I. Pankove Faculty Fellow in the College of Engineering & Applied Science. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2008 and his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University in 2012, where he was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. He had postdoctoral...
Daven Henze

Daven Henze

S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow
Daven Henze joined CU Boulder in 2009 and has earned the Sullivan-Carlson Innovation in Education Award, the Dean’s Junior Faculty Performance Award and the Provost’s Faculty Achievement Award, to name a few. He currently holds the S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellowship.
Marcus Holzinger

Marcus Holzinger

Smead Endowed Faculty Fellow
Marcus Holzinger engages externally funded scholarly 'theory-to-hardware' research, including theoretical investigations, open-source software development, hardware system integration, and research platform operations. His research draws from dynamics, controls, autonomy, and estimation disciplines, focusing on Space Situational Awareness, distributed spacecraft formation flight, proximity operations & rendezvous, and optimal reachability theory applications. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MS and BS in Aeronautics...
mahmoud hussein

Mahmoud I. Hussein

Alvah and Harriet Hovlid Professor
Mahmoud Hussein is a professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. A member of the Aerospace Mechanics Research Center, Hussein’s research interests include material dynamics and structures, periodic and disordered systems, and phononics, including phononic crystals and metamaterials. Hussein is a recipient of the NSF Faculty Early CAREER Award and winner of the department’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for 2014. He holds three master’s degrees – in mechanical engineering,...
Kevin Krizek

Kevin J. Krizek

Director and Professor Environmental Design
Kevin J. Krizek analyzes transport solutions in communities world-wide by prizing evidence-based knowledge linking city design and travel. His contributions have been awarded appointments at the University of Bologna, Radboud University (Nijmegen) and EAFIT University (Medellin); these posts have included: a U.S.-Italy Fulbright Scholarship (‘14), an appointment as the visiting professor of “Cycling in Changing Urban Regions” in the Nijmegen School of Management (‘14-‘17), a Fulbright Specialist in spatial economics...
Se-Hee Lee

Se-Hee Lee

Se-Hee Lee is a professor and the Mollenkopf Faculty Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests have concentrated on nanostructured materials for energy applications, microbatteries, miniature fuel cells, electrochromic windows and fiber-optic hydrogen sensors. Prior to CU Boulder, he spent 10 years as a scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He is a co-founder of Solid Power, a CU Boulder spinoff company researching next generation solid-state...
karl linden

Karl Linden

Mortensen Endowed Professor of Sustainable Development
Karl G. Linden attended Cornell University in the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences and graduated with a BS in biological and environmental engineering. He worked with William J. Jewell at Cornell on undergraduate research related to anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste. After spending a year traveling in Central America, he attended the University of California at Davis for his master’s degree in environmental engineering, where he worked with...
Mike McGehee

Mike McGehee

Patten Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering
Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Materials Scienceand Engineering Program; Fellow of the Renewable and Sustainability Energy Institute. Mike McGehee is a Professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is also a Fellow of the Materials Science and Engineering Program and the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Institute. He was a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering...
Roseanna Neupauer

Roseanna M. Neupauer

Professor in Environmental & Architectural Engineering
Roseanna M. Neupauer is an associate professor in Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, specializing in hydrology, water resources and environmental fluid mechanics. Neupauer received her doctorate from New Mexico Tech in 2000. She received an NSF Young Researcher Award in 2006, an ExCEEd New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2006, and a Teaching Award from CU Boulder in 2007. Her interests are...
lucy pao

Lucy Y Pao

Palmer Endowed Chair in Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
Lucy Pao is a Professor of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering and a professor (by courtesy) in the aerospace engineering sciences department at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is currently (2015-2016) also a Fellow of the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst and a Visiting Scholar at the ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research at Oldenburg University, Germany. She earned BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering...
melinda piket-may

Melinda Piket-May

Associate Professor in Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Melinda Piket-May, Ph.D., an associate professor of electrical, computer and energy engineering, teaches undergraduate engineering design focused on teamwork and real-world experiences with clients. She has long been involved in K-12 STEM education. Her undergraduate and graduate research and teaching programs include engineering education, assistive technology design, computational electromagnetics and signal integrity. University of Colorado Timmerhaus Teaching Ambassador, 2019.
Mark Rentschler

Mark Rentschler

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Mark E. Rentschler is an associate professor, program director, design engineer, roboticist, expert witness, and seasoned engineering consultant. He has over 12 years of leadership in mechanical and biomedical engineering consulting, intellectual property development, and patent infringement analysis. Dr. Rentschler is a published subject matter expert focused on electro-mechanical system design and control, medical devices, medical mechatronics and surgical robotic systems.
Sean Shaheen

Sean Shaheen

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Energy Enginering
Sean Shaheen, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at CU-Boulder. His research interests focus on organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices for low-cost, renewable energy harvesting. His group and collaborators engage in a wide range of activities in OPV research, including studying fundamental aspects of energy transfer and exciton dynamics, measurements of charge transport and recombination behavior, and modeling of device physics using various numerical techniques. More...
Wil Srubar

Wil Srubar

Family Faculty Fellow
Dr. Wil V. Srubar III leads the Living Materials Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder and advanced materials R&D initiatives at KATERRA. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Concrete Institute, and he is a LEED Accredited Professional. Dr. Srubar received his PhD in structural engineering and materials science from Stanford University in 2013. He received his BS degree in civil...
conrad r. stoldt

Conrad R. Stoldt

Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Conrad Stoldt is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder and is principal inventor of the proposed solid-state supercap technology. Stoldt leads an active research program in the design and processing of nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage applications, and in the development of processes and materials for microsystems reliability. Ongoing research areas include nanoparticle synthesis, thin film deposition, corrosion in semiconductor materials, and the manufacture of composite...
Tim White

Tim White

James Gallogly Endowed Professor
Tim White, appointed as the first Gallogly Professor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, joined CU Boulder from the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he served in several roles since joining the lab as a postdoctoral researcher in 2006. Most recently, White served as the lead of the 30-member Structured Optical Materials and Processes Team, focusing on technology development and maturation of stimuli-responsive materials and their integration in...
Gregory Whiting

Gregory Whiting

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Greg joined the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017 and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is also a fellow of the Materials Science and Engineering Program, a faculty member of the Design Center Colorado, affiliate faculty of the ATLAS Institute, and a member of the Multi-Functional Materials Interdisciplinary Research Team. His research is focused at the intersection of additive manufacturing, novel materials, and functional...
ronggui yang

Ronggui Yang

S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow
Ronggui Yang is the S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow and a professor of mechanical engineering directing the Nano-enabled Energy Conversion, Storage, and Thermal Management Systems group at the University of Colorado Boulder. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering with a focus on nanoscale heat transfer from MIT in 2006. He holds a master’s degree in microelectromechanical systems from UCLA and a master’s degree in engineering thermophysics from...
Xiaobo Yin

Xiaobo Yin

Bruce S. Anderson Engineering Faculty Fellow
Xiaobo Yin joined our college in 2013 from UC Berkeley. He’s also part of the Materials Science and Engineering Program and a founding member of the Center for Experiments on Quantum Materials. He currently holds the Bruce S. Anderson Engineering Faculty Fellowship.
john zhai

Zhiqiang (John) Zhai

Professor in Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
John Zhai is a professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. He has a background in both mechanical and architectural engineering with an Engineering Doctor degree in Fluid Mechanics (Tsinghua University, 1999) and a PhD in Building Technology (MIT, 2003). Zhai has been actively engaged in research activities in the field of fluid/thermal science and building/energy/environment technology since 1994. He is an active member of several professional...