Ronggui Yang
Mechanical Engineering

ECME 273

MSE Areas: Thermoelectric materials, semiconductors and nanostructures, interface and thin films,nanocomposites, Li-ion batteies, electrical and thermoelectric properties, thermal conductivity, thermal management materials

Dr. Ronggui Yang is the Sanders Faculty Fellow in Engineering and an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering directing the Nano-enabled Energy Conversion, Storage, and Thermal Management Systems group (NEXT). His research interests are on modeling and characterization of electrical, thermal, and thermoelectric transport properties of nanostructured materials, synthesis of novel nanostructures, and applications of nanostructured materials in energy conversion, storage, and thermal management.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Yujie Wei, Jiangtao Wu, Hanqing Yin, Xinghua Shi, Ronggui Yang, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, The Nature of Strength Enhancement and Weakening by Pentagon-Heptagon Defects in Graphene, Nature Materials, (Published online on July 1, 2012), 2012

Wei Wang, Miao Tian, Aziz Abdulagatov, Steven George, Yung-Cheng Lee and Ronggui Yang, Three-Dimensional Ni/TiO2 Nanowire Network for High Areal-Capacity Lithium-Ion Microbattery Applications, Nano Letters, Vol. 12, pp 655–660, 2012

Jun Zhou, Ronggui Yang, Gang Chen and Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Optimal Bandwidth for High Efficiency Thermoelectrics, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 107, Art # 226601, 2011.