Greg Whiting headshot
Associate Professor • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale

Office Location: East Campus

Research Interests

​Functional additive and manufacturing, printed and flexible electronics, transient electronics, distributed sensing

Gregory Whiting's research is focused at the intersection of additive manufacturing, novel materials, and functional devices.  He is primarily interested in using printing as a method to fabricate unconventional electronic components and systems that can be readily customized, be mechanically flexible/conformable, large area, widely distributed, biocompatible, and/or controllably transient.

Societal Impact

Through our research we are working to develop new ways of making things that enables more distributed methods of manufacturing and provides more pervasive functionality.  We are currently addressing applications in a wide range of fields including health care, agriculture, energy and space exploration.

Select Publications

  • G. L. Whiting, D. E. Schwartz, T. Ng, B. S. Krusor, R. Krivacic, A. Pierre, A. C. Arias, M. Harting, D. VanBuren, K. Short.  Digitally Fabricated Multi-Modal Wireless Sensing using a Combination of Printed Sensors and Transistors with Silicon Components.  Flexible and Printed Electronics20172, 034002. (link)
  • D. E. Schwartz, J. Rivnay, G. L. Whiting, P. Mei, Y. Zhang, B. S. Krusor, G. Daniel, S. Ready, J. Veres, R. A. Street.  Flexible Hybrid Electronic Circuits and Systems.  IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems2016, 7, 27. (link)
  • R. A. Street, T. Ng, D. E. Schwartz, G. L. Whiting, J. P. Lu, R. Bringans, J. Veres.  From Printed Transistors to Printed Smart Systems.  Proceedings of the IEEE2015103, 607. (link)
  • A. M. Gaikwad, D. A. Steingart, T. Ng, D. E. Schwartz, G. L. Whiting.  A Flexible High Potential Printed Battery for Powering Printed Electronics.  Applied Physics Letters2013102, 233302. (link)
  • T. Ng, D. E. Schwartz, L. L. Lavery, G. L. Whiting, B. Russo, B. Krusor, J. Veres, P. Bröms, L. Herlogsson, N. Alam, O. Hagel, J. Nilsson, C. Karlsson.  Scaleable Printed Electronics: An Organic Decoder Addressing Ferroelectric Non-Volatile Memory.  Scientific Reports20122, 585. (link)
  • A. M. Gaikwad, G. L. Whiting, D. A. Steingart, A. C. Arias.  Highly Flexible, Printed Alkaline Batteries Based on Mesh-Embedded Electrodes.  Advanced Materials201123, 3251. (link)
  • S. Sambandan, G. L. Whiting, A. C. Arias, R. A. Street.  Fast Polymer Semiconductor Transistor by Nanoparticle Self-Assembly.  Organic Electronics201011, 1935. (link)
  • G. L. Whiting, A. C. Arias.  Chemically Modified Ink-Jet Printed Electrodes for Organic Field-Effect Transistors.  Applied Physics Letters200995, 253302. (link)

Select Awards

  • National Academy of Engineering US-EU Frontiers of Engineering symposium participant (2017)
  • National Academy of Engineering US Frontiers of Engineering symposium participant (2016)
  • PARC Exceptional Performance Awards for distributed methane sensing, interactive transient systems and electrostatic microparticle assembly (2015)
  • DARPA Microsystems Technology Office Top Performer Award (2015)
  • FLEXI Award for flexible electronics (2012)
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award runner up (2012)