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  • Certificate*

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Certificate Requirements

* = Certificates are not technically a degree, but can be pursued to supplement a bachelor's degree 

The Certificate in Art and Social Change allows students to engage with some of the most urgent issues in our societies, as they relate to justice, equality and diversity. Artists and activists play an increasingly important role in advancing justice and promoting social change at the local, national and global levels. The interdisciplinary approach of this certificate enables students to examine the role of different forms of artistic productions as a catalyst for social change. By intersecting disciplinary and geographic boundaries, courses in this certificate explore topics such as cinema and visual cultures, media activism, theater and environmental justice, creative design, migration and religious diversity, gender and community engagement. The Certificate in Art and Social Change emphasizes a pedagogical and scholarly approach rooted in critical thinking, anti-oppression practices and community building. Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature this certificate is suitable for students in different social sciences, humanities and business fields across colleges.