Our club focuses on creating and producing student films. From script to screen, we will spend a semester working in collaboration to create one or more films depending on the club's size and dedication throughout the semester. We welcome all students interested in all aspects of film from acting, production, music, writing, and editing. We also accept all skill levels, as the main goal is to gain hands-on experience with other like-minded individuals working on a production crew.

Our goal is to produce at least one short/feature-length film or television pilot each Spring and Fall semester and to write/edit scripts during the previous semester. For example, anyone in Titan Productions that is interested in writing a script can join our weekly meetups. During these meetups, we'll form groups, brainstorm ideas, write scripts, and finalize screenplays to be used for future productions.

Our club is also planning on hosting a film festival for CINE students at the end of each Spring semester. We hope to showcase projects from individual students as well as from our production club.

Titan Productions hopes to be a flagship club for the University of Colorado Boulder, celebrating all forms of art within.

Meeting Times

We meet throughout the academic year in the UMC building. Our Fall 2023 meetings are on Monday at 5PM. The first meeting will be held on September 11th in room 425.