A joint certificate program between Smead Aerospace and the Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering. This certificate fills an industry need in Colorado and beyond for cross disciplinary graduate level education in aerospace and electrical engineering. The program is open to new and current degree-seeking AES and ECEE students. Non-degree students cannot enroll in this program.

6 courses total (18 credits)

Certificate Requirements

Four Required Courses (12 credits total)

  1. ECEN 5134 Antennas (for space applications) – 3 credits or ECEN5104 RF Passive/Active Circuits – 3 credits
    • If you are interested in taking both courses, one course can count as a requirement and one course can count as an elective. A single course cannot count as both a required course and an elective course, simultaneously.
  2. ECEN 5634 RF Lab – 3 credits
  3. ASEN 5090 GPS – 3 credits
  4. Either (a) or (b) below, depending on major
    • ASEN 5148 Spacecraft Design – 3 credits
      • (required for ECEE majors)
    • ECEE 3410 Fields II – 3 credits
      • (required for AES majors)

Two Elective Courses – Students choose 2 out of 5 (6 credits total)

  1. ECEN5134 Antennas (for space applications) – 3 credits or ECEN5104 RF Passive/Active Circuits(fall) – 3 credits (whichever not taken as a requirement)
  2. ECEN5114 Waveguides  – 3 credits
  3. ECEN5154 Computational EM – 3 credits
  4. ASEN5245 Radar Remote Sensing – 3 credits
  5. AES Grad projects (approved RF related project, can only count for 1 elective)

Upon completion of your courses, complete the certificate request form and submit it to your assigned Gradate Advisor, Waleska Rivera-Shon (last names A-K) or Nicole Simmons (last names L-Z).