A joint certificate program between Smead Aerospace and the Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering. This certificate fills an industry need in Colorado and beyond for cross disciplinary graduate level education in aerospace and electrical engineering.

The program is open to students in the AES and ECEE departments. Non-degree students and students from other majors cannot enroll in this program.

For certificate application and more details, visit the AES Certificates webpage.

Certificate Requirements

There are 6 courses total (18 credits) required, 4 specific course requirements (12 credits), and two elective courses (6 credits).

See the Graduate Handbook for a complete list of requirements.


  • Degree-seeking students: For certificate enrollment, complete the Certificate Enrollment Form
  • Non-degree seeking students (Continuing Education): This certificate is not open to non-degree seeking students.

Awarding a Completed Certificate

  • Completed your certificate? Congratulations! Please fill out the Certificate Award Request Form.
    • A grade of B or higher is required in all courses to earn a certificate.
    • If you are also pursuing other graduate certificates, you cannot use the same courses to count for both certificates.

Informational resources


Aerospace Engineering Sciences Graduate Program Advisor Maureen Craig.