Certificate in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems (ASN)

The certificate recognizes student accomplishments at the graduate level in successfully completing a specialized program of study in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation (ASN).  It is essentially a specialization of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Master of Science (MS) degree in the ASN focus area with additional requirements for breadth and depth in the ASN area.

The certificate will make students more desirable to future employers looking for the astrodynamics and satellite navigation specialists.

1. Certificate Requirements

Complete all four core area subjects in ASN, plus two advanced ASN courses of the student's choosing. 

Core Requirements:

ASEN 5010 - Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control

ASEN 5050 - Astrodynamics (This requirement can be satisfied by taking an additional 6000 level course which has ASEN 5050 as a pre-requisite.)

ASEN 5044 - Statistical Estimation for Dynamical Systems

ASEN 5090 - Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Advanced Requirements - Select ANY two 6000 level courses in ASN including (but not limited to):

ASEN 6090 GNSS Software and Applications (course number assignment pending)

ASEN 6091 Satellite Navigation Receiver and Architectures (course number assignment pending)

ASEN 6080 Advanced Statistical Orbit Determination

ASEN 6519 Advanced Spacecraft Attitude and Control

ASEN 6519 Spacecraft Formation Flying

ASEN 6519 Optimal Trajectories

ASEN 6519 Advanced Astrodynamics and Celestial Mechanics

2. Admission Requirements

Requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems:

  • Approval of your ASN course selections.
  • Completion, with a grade of B or better, of all required courses.

Upon completion of your courses, complete the certificate request form and submit it to your assigned Gradate Advisor, Waleska Rivera-Shon (last names A-K) or Nicole Simmons (last names L-Z).