Project: Liquid-Solid Hybrid Rocket: Structures

Abstract: On team PRIUS, our goal is to take tried-and-true heritage knowledge of hobby rocket airframe design and build upon it to construct an airframe that interfaces with the systems being designed by HADES and TOPSOIL, and most importantly, satisfies the necessity for a reliably safe mission. This airframe will be the first to successfully carry a hybrid rocket engine developed at CU Boulder, and as such, will employ custom-designed avionics and a dual-deploy recovery system to not just take off into the sky, but also safely return to the ground to allow us to verify the models we developed for the use of future CU Boulder students.

Mentor: Smead Aerospace (Jim Nabity)

PM: Caedin Curl

Team Roster: Caedin Curl, Nicholas Jones, Max Parry, David Tan, Alexander Herring, Ashton Miner, Yuzhou Shen, Connor Triplett, Blake Hogen, Jonathan Morris, Cris Stancu, Eduardo Villalobos