Project: Autonomous Localization for GPS-denied Aerial Tracking and Reconnaissance (ALLIGATR)

Team Abstract: ALLIGATR is an unmanned aerial system designed for navigating and surveying ground environments where GPS signals are unavailable. It utilizes two RGB cameras to detect ground vehicles using computer vision. Our custom onboard algorithm fuses visual detections with telemetry data to estimate the positions of ground vehicles. This information guides the UAS through the environment autonomously, maximizing data collection and minimizing localization errors. The result is a highly capable UAS capable of autonomously searching and localizing ground targets with sub-meter precision.

Mentor Company: Sierra Nevada Corporation

PM: Brendan Bradley

Team Members: Nyah Baltazar, Nicholas Grant, Carson Kohlbrenner, Nolan Stevenson, Brendan Bradley, Andrew Kabos, Marcus Quintanilla, Lucia Witikko, Zane Vandivere, Thomas Dunnington, Yarden Kelmann, Blair Schulze