Project Description: CU Stationary Lunar Diggers

Team Abstract: Team LunaREX's objective is to build a mechanically functional stationary robot capable of digging lunar regolith. Inspired by the NASA RASSOR, the LunaREX digger utilizes a rotating drum with a trommel-like filter to pick up and store regolith up to 7 cm in diameter. The drum can pick up 0.5 kg of regolith throughout one 15-minute dig cycle and serves as a proof of concept for future lunar mining endeavors.

Mentor: Blue Origin

PM: Max Deutsch

Team Roster: Madi Davis, Justin McGregor, Aaron Orshan, Maxine Stoenescu, Max Deutsch, Sam Mohnacs, Thomas Pierce, Nate Witonsky, Alan Jaffe, Claire Nilan, Moises Pina