SWARM-EX LogoDescription: Space Weather Atmospheric Reconfigurable Multiscale Experiment (SWARM-EX) is a NSF-funded mission to launch three identical CubeSats into LEO to investigate advanced scientific phenomena in the upper-atmosphere and demonstrate novel formation flying capabilities using a cutting-edge hybrid control scheme which harnesses both propulsion and differential drag. This is an inter-collegiate CubeSat initiative, with contributions from CU Boulder, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Western Michigan University, University of Southern Alabama, and Olin College. Each 3U CubeSat will be equipped with a low-rate UHF radio, a high-rate X-Band data downlink, and a scalable cold-gas propulsion system to demonstrate the key technologies of on-board autonomy, inter-satellite links, propulsion, and multiuser communications.  A FIPEX neutral oxygen sensor and a Langmuir Probe measuring ion density will also be onboard to address scientific questions related to the spatial and temporal variability of the equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) and equatorial thermospheric anomaly (ETA).

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Advisor: Scott Palo, Marcin Pilinski, Jeffrey Thayer

PM: Shibani L.

Team Roster: Matt Chih, Raj Kedia

Project Files: