Graduate Projects I and II (ASEN 5018/6028) is a two-semester course sequence. In addition to designing and building a project, a lecture common to all lab sections will introduce students to project management, systems engineering, participating effectively on project teams, earned value management, contract types, human and robotic mission similarities and differences, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer and intellectual property issues.

For ASEN 5018, it is recommended that students interested in a graduate project contact If a graduate project section is full, students are encouraged to choose another project. They may also place themselves on the waitlist; however, until all graduate projects sections have been adequately enrolled, waitlisted students are not guaranteed a spot in the course.

Graduate Projects is a suitable option for MS students who choose to complete two semesters of work on an aerospace engineering project rather than write a thesis or complete certificate coursework to satisfy graduation requirements, and for PhD students who value this type of project experience to meet their coursework requirements. The course is also open to students in other engineering departments with the approval of the project advisor and coordinator.

Students completing this course series will be better prepared for the type of project management processes and team dynamics they will encounter in government and industry. The knowledge and skills gained from this course will make them more competitive and effective in the job market.

2023-2024 Teams

Section Title Faculty


Graduate Projects Koehler
802  Graduate Projects: CERES Torer
803 Graduate Projects: MEDICS Voss
806 Graduate Projects: Cubesat Projects Palo
807 Graduate Projects: ACES Marotta