Project Video (as HERD)

Description: The CERES project is sponsored by The Boeing Company (or Boeing). They have set the following high-level objective for a CO2 removal system prototype: Develop and test a CO2 removal system prototype optimized for performance in space exploration habitats for trans-Martian missions. Boeing provided the following sub-objectives to decompose and scope our work further. The prototype shall be a closed-loop system that is optimized for minimizing consumables and maximizing regenerative capabilities. Additionally, the prototype shall maintain < 1mmHg ppCO2 in a given volume optimized for at least four crew members. The prototype shall be designed for durability and maintainability for long-duration (i.e. 3-year) space exploration missions. Lastly, the prototype shall be designed for minimal volume, mass, power needs, and thermal effects to surroundings. Constraints, specifically in CO2 removal technologies were also set by the Project Sponsor. Specifically, Zeolites, Amines, and any non-regenerable (e.g. Lithium Hydroxide) removal methods may not be pursued.

Sponsor: Boeing

Advisor:  Stuart Tozer and James Nabity

Project Manager: Joey Shy

Team Roster: Garrett Lycett, Neel Sanghvi, Andrew Nichols, Nikolaus von Unger, Kavan Bede, Tristan Goodwin, Alex Gomez, Jessica Connell, Maria Rodriguez, Yuzon Shen, Steven Liu