Four years of fixed tuition for all undergraduate students

At the University of Colorado Boulder, we provide a high-quality educational experience—now backed by predictable four-year tuition for all of our undergraduate students.

Effective summer 2016, all new undergraduate students receive a 4-year tuition guarantee from their initial enrollment, enabling students and their families to accurately predict the total tuition cost of going to CU Boulder. Our goal is to help eliminate the uncertainty of what a CU Boulder degree will cost, shifting financial risks related to changes in the economy from students and families to the university.

Colorado Resident Tuition Guarantee

We’re taking care of Colorado residents by doing everything we can to eliminate the financial uncertainty of paying for a CU Boulder degree.

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Nonresident Tuition Guarantee

All nonresident students (including international students) receive a 4-year tuition guarantee from the date of their initial enrollment.

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Other student cost saving efforts

We’re proud to build on our CU Boulder Tuition Guarantee, further lowering costs for students and families by: