By Nicole Mueksch

Principal investigator
Jeff York

Collaboration + support
Academy of Management; Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability; Babson College; Leeds School of Business; Social Entrepreneurship Conference; Strategic Management Society

Entrepreneurs in the business of protecting the environment may be more effective at addressing climate change than sweeping policies or large corporations, according to a study from the Leeds School of Business.

The study, co-authored by Jeff York, a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, found that small businesses with climate-cautious goods and services can establish a common ground between people who place high value on growing business and those who value protecting the environment.

Researchers say the findings could help reshape how we address climate change: Investing in environmental entrepreneurs rather than legacy companies could rally more support for climate initiatives.

“If we could think of addressing climate change as a growth opportunity, I think that’s a much more powerful way of thinking about it,” York said.