By Robyn Munn

Chase Velasquez; Colorado Law students

Collaboration + support
Colorado Law’s American Indian Law Clinic; Southern Ute Indian Tribe; Sarah Krakoff

Chase VelasquezColorado Law’s American Indian Law Clinic is helping to provide critical legal services to members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

In March 2022, student attorneys met with individual tribal members to discuss their legal questions and concerns; drafted wills, medical powers of attorney and memorial forms; and answered legal questions on existing wills.

“Opportunities like this have allowed students to learn of the contemporary legal, health, social and economic conditions that American Indians and Indigenous peoples continue to encounter,” said Chase Velasquez, visiting clinical professor and interim American Indian Law clinical director. “I am thankful to the Southern Indian Ute tribal leaders for entrusting the clinic to provide services to their members.” The tribe is located on the Southern Indian Ute Reservation, about 330 miles south of Boulder.

The clinic was established in 1992 by Colorado Law Professor Sarah Krakoff to represent individual tribal members, Indian tribes, and Indigenous peoples on matters arising under federal Indian law, tribal law and international human rights law.