Principal Investigator
Jun Ye


Collaboration + support
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); CU Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science and Department of Physics; Harvard University; MIT; Stanford University; University of Delaware; University of Oregon; University of New Mexico; University of Innsbruck in Austria; Los Alamos National Laboratory; MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratory

Jun YeCU Boulder has been selected to launch and lead a new science and engineering research center to explore the biggest challenges of the quantum world—from better understanding how the atoms in an atomic clock “tick” to how those processes can improve the science of measurement and probe for mysterious dark matter.

The Quantum Systems through Entangled Science and Engineering (Q-SEnSE) center, funded by the National Science Foundation and led by JILA Fellow Jun Ye, is a major component of the campus CUbit Quantum Initiative. Q-SEnSE includes 37 researchers from 12 U.S. and international organizations and will bring together physicists and engineers to turn fundamental scientific advances into real-world technologies.

“Imagine if we can build robust quantum systems that can go outside of our labs, that can completely change how we sense the physical world, how we navigate and how we communicate with each other,” Ye said.